How to Troubleshoot a Delonghi Coffee Maker

Delonghi's drip coffee maker line differentiates slightly from its espresso machine line. Delonghi also makes combination espresso machines with drip coffee makers. Problems with the drip machines can include the coffee taking longer to brew than normal and the coffee having an acidic taste. Problems with the combination machines' espresso function can include issues with the grind and spout. Troubleshooting Delonghi coffee makers can be accomplished with some steps.

Delonghi coffee maker models can differ in design.

Step 1

De-scale the drip coffee maker if the coffee takes longer than normal to brew. Lime scale deposits build up over time if you are in a hard-water area. De-scale by pouring 4 cups of water into the carafe and dissolving two spoonfuls of citric acid in it. Pour the water into the water tank. Turn the machine on and allow a cup of the mix to run through. Turn the machine off and allow the de-scaling to work for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process then rinse for at least three cycles.

Step 2

Rinse the machine thoroughly using clean water and no coffee if the coffee has an acid taste after de-scaling.

Step 3

Grind the coffee properly if the consistency is wrong or the coffee takes too long to make. Coffee is ground differently for different types of coffee making. Espresso coffee should be ground very finely, drip coffee more coarsely. If the coffee machine has an automatic grinder, turn the grinding regulator one click towards the "Number 7" to increase coarseness. Turn it towards the "Number 1" to increase fineness.

Step 4

Scrape the dry coffee residue from the spout with a needle if the coffee won't come out of the spouts. In this case the spout holes are blocked.

Step 5

View the screen if your Delonghi coffee maker has a display. "Fill Tank," "Close Door" and "Fill Beans Container" are common messages. Simply follow the instructions for each.

Patrick Nelson

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