Braun Tassimo Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

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There are a few things you can do to trouble shoot your coffee maker.
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If you check a few essential components on your Tassimo coffeemaker, you'll probably be able to find the cause of troubles such as dripping water and skipped automatic cycles. It'll only take a few minutes to solve these minor problems. If you need more help, contact Braun customer service.


Braun Tassimo Auto Mode Problems

If your machine won't operate in auto mode, it might be because it can't read the bar code on your disk. Be sure the machine is turned off, then unplug it. Open the brewing mechanism and check the disk to be sure the bar code is clean and readable. Lift up the disk holder and look at the bar code reader, which is next to the piercing area.


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If the reader needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a soft cloth. Plug the machine in, turn it on and put the disk in again. The Tassimo manual states that, when the green auto light goes on, you can start the machine.

Cleaning the Bar Code Reader

If the Tassimo doesn't work in auto mode and stays in standby mode, clean the bar code reader. If that doesn't work, try smoothing the bar code on the disk. You can also try using another disk. If the machine still doesn't work, call the customer service line.

If your machine skips auto mode and goes to manual mode, clean the bar code reader, try using another disk, or hold down the start/stop button to brew your beverage.

If you can't close the brewing unit, make sure that the piercing unit and the disk holder are inserted correctly. Push down on the brewing unit until it snaps securely into position.


Indicator Lights

If none of the indicator lights are lit, make sure the machine is plugged into a working outlet. The Tassimo troubleshooting red light can be engaged if there is a problem with the power supply.

If all the indicator lights are flashing after you've initialized your machine, reset it by turning it off and then on. If there's no disk in the brewing mechanism, all the indicator lights will flash.


Troubleshooting the Water Supply

Make sure there's water in the water container on the back of the machine. If not, fill it to the max line with fresh water. If your Tassimo machine is not pumping enough water, this may make the indicator light turn on.

Make sure you replace the water container correctly in the holder on the back of the machine. If your machine has a water filter, it must be soaked for 30 minutes before its first use, and should be changed every three months. Check the disk for proper insertion, and look at the bar code to see if it's clean. Replace the disk and close the machine. When the green light goes on, the machine is ready to use.



If the fill tank lights but there's enough water in the tank, the float is stuck. Clean the tank and ensure that the float can move. If 6d and 6e are both flashing, there's an error on the machine. Call the customer service line. If "descale" flashes even though you're using filtered or softened water, you'll need to descale the machine, since even filtering or softening will leave small amounts of lime in the water.


Tassimo Machine Water Problems

If water drips from around the brewing unit, the disk is defective or the piercing unit isn't inserted correctly. Remove the disk, clean the unit and replace the disk, or insert the piecing unit correctly.

If there's water on the appliance under the cup stand, it's just a normal result of condensation; wipe it away with a soft cloth.


If the machine brews but there's no beverage, the water tank was removed or there's air in the system. Put the water tank in the correct position on your machine, insert the cleaning disk and begin a cleaning cycle. Check the float in the water tank to be sure it can move.



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