Ronco is a company that markets products such as rotisserie appliances and food dehydrators via infomercial. Dehydrating refers to removing the moisture content form a food. Dehydrating foods is a healthy way to preserve and enjoy fruits, vegetables and meats. The Ronco Food Dehydrator is not difficult to use.

The Ronco Food Dehydrator dries fruits, vegetables and meats.

Step 1

Choose high-quality meats and produce to use in the dehydrator for best results. Fruit should be fresh and completely ripe.

Step 2

Slice fruits and vegetables about ¼-inch thick for optimum texture and drying results. Lay foods out in the trays without overlapping.

Step 3

Rotate and turn the trays during the dehydration process for the most even drying. The bottom tray gets the most drying heat and must be moved to the top every six hours or so.

Step 4

Dry according to the suggested drying times that come with the unit (see Resources if you no longer have the owner's manual). Remove when the foods look and feel dry. Place all dehydrated foods into air-tight containers, bags or jars.