Easy Way to Drain Water From Portable Air Conditioners

The need to drain portable air conditioners may lessen the overall degree of convenience for new users, though the process soon becomes quick and straightforward after a few drainings. While a portable air conditioner is in operation, it extracts humidity from the surrounding air while cooling it, inevitably leading to water collection. For those who don't own a portable air conditioner with auto-evaporative technology, the condensation tanks will have to be emptied regularly in order to ensure long term usage.

Air conditioner in window
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Moving The Unit Outside

In order to properly drain a portable air conditioner, it will have to be taken to an outside location, so as not to cause interior water damage during draining. First, powering the unit off and unplugging it, you'll then need to disconnect the unit's flexible exhaust hose. The air conditioner is now ready to be taken outside for emptying.

Pulling The Drain Plug

Now that the unit is outside where it can't create water damage, take the drain hose out of the drain hose clip. For those who own a portable air conditioner without a drain hose, you'll need to take the drain cap off of the drain port. At this point, you'll see a clamp. You'll want to gently remove the clamp and drain plug to let the collected water drain out fully. Once completely emptied, the clamp and drain plug can be replaced.

Putting It Back Together

From here, the parts are put back in the reverse of the order in which they were taken off. After putting the clamp and drain plug back in place, portable units which came with a drain hose will need to have the hose snapped back into the drain hose clip, For other units, simply replace the drain cap on the port. Bringing the air conditioner back inside, reconnect the flexible exhaust hose and plug into an outlet.