How to Drain an Amana Portable Air Conditioner

An Amana portable air conditioner is a model of convenience. It can be wheeled anywhere in a house or home and used to cool off either a room or a whole house. They are made to expel moisture out of the exhaust vent hose which is run out of any window. However, in areas of high humidity, there will be times when the unit cannot expel enough moisture and will then deposit the excess into an internal holding tank. When this occurs, you have to manually drain the tank.

Step 1

Locate the drain outlet on the lower rear of the Amana portable air conditioner. It will be stopped up with a small rubber or plastic plug.

Step 2

Measure the diameter of the outlet with a tape measure. Take these measurements to a local hardware or plumbing store and get the correct sized rubber, plastic or PVC hose that will fit over the top of the drain outlet. Size the length according to your needs.

Step 3

Pull the rubber plug out of the drain outlet then slide the drain hose over the top. Push it on securely.

Step 4

Allow the water in the holding tank to drain off into a sewer line, a sink or bathtub drain. If high humidity is a problem, the hose can remain attached and allowed to drain continuously.