My Danby Air Conditioner Leaks

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All air conditioners need to disperse hot air and condensation outside the home.

Air conditioners produce water as a byproduct of their method of cooling. Water contained within the system, meaning water that is dripping inside of the air conditioner or air handler, is nothing to be concerned about. If, however, your Danby air conditioner is leaking water outside of the system or it is leaking coolant, there are a few things you should consider.


Coolant Leak

If your Danby air conditioner is leaking coolant, or refrigerant gas, the unit should be removed from your home immediately. Call an authorized repair center and request service for your unit. Do not touch or attempt to repair the unit after you have removed it from your home, as the leaking refrigerant can be harmful to your skin and still more harmful if inhaled.

Portable Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is a portable model, it accumulates condensation in a basin in much the same way a dehumidifier does. If this basin is not properly seated in the unit, or if the basin is full and overflowing, you may have water leaks. Ensure the basin is sitting properly on the floor of the unit, and that the unit shuts off when the basin is full. If the unit continues running and overflows, there is an issue with the overflow switch.


Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are constructed in such a way that, when properly installed, they possess a slight downward slope away from your home. This enables water to drip from the coils in to the condensation pan and allow gravity to take the water down the condensation drain and drain it away from the unit. If the air conditioner is not seated on the window sill properly, water can drain back in to the home.

Central Air Conditioner

A leaking central air conditioner can be a damaging problem, owing to the amount of time it typically takes a homeowner to notice the leak is occurring, and the units typically being located in an attic. A leak in a central air conditioner is generally due to a problem with the condensation pan, drain, or pump. Most units have user serviceable condensation pans, so make sure the pan is not clogged and has not been damaged. Blow out the condensation drain pipe using compressed air, and ensure the condensation pump is functioning by pouring a small amount of water in to the condensation pan and listening for the pump.



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