How to Remove the Hose From the Air Chamber Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number beds, manufactured and sold by Select Comfort, are designed with internal air chambers that you can fill and deflate to adjust the firmness of the bed. If you are moving and taking your Sleep Number bed with you, it can either be completely disassembled and packed into small boxes or it can be moved in a large mattress box. Either way, you will need to disconnect the hoses from the air chambers in your mattress, and if you are packing your mattress in a mattress box, you will want to cap off the air chambers for the move.

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Step 1

Unzip the top of your Sleep Number mattress. Remove any foam padding that is placed over the air chambers.

Step 2

Locate the caps for the air chambers if you will be capping them off after removing the hose. One cap is provided for each air chamber in the original shipment of your bed in the Firmness Control System box. Assembly instructions recommend putting the caps under the air chambers at the head of the bed for easy access.

Step 3

Find the hose connection on the bottom edge of the air chamber at the head of the bed. Gently pull it away from the base of the mattress so you can see at least six inches of the hose.

Step 4

Hold the air chamber in one hand near the hose connection, and hold the hose in the other hand. Firmly pull the hose away from the air chamber.

Step 5

Immediately place the cap on the hose connection on the air chamber if you would like to keep the air in it. It should fit snugly over the hole to prevent the hissing sound of air escaping.

Step 6

Deflate the air chamber if you are planning to pack the mattress into smaller boxes to move. Select Comfort recommends packing air chambers into boxes to protect them from getting scratched or torn during the move.