How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

Since 1987, people around the world have used Sleep Comfort Corporation's Sleep Number® air chamber beds as an alternative to traditional innerspring mattresses. Although multi-part Sleep Number bed designs facilitate lightweight foundation and mattress set-up and air chamber inflation, moving a Sleep Number bed requires disassembling most of the parts and taking precautions so that nothing becomes damaged during transport.

Step 1

Remove the mattress from the foundation. Set aside the mattress and then reverse your Sleep Number bed's foundation assembly instructions. Start by sliding the deck panels from the support beams and side rails.

Step 2

Remove the center support beams and pull the short end beams at the corners from the slots in the side rails. On queen beds, this involves sliding the short support beams from the rails and then removing the corner brackets from each beam.

Step 3

Pull the "T" shaped connecting pins from the side rails at the joints and break the side rails apart into pieces (two pieces per side rail) by unhooking at the joints.

Step 4

Store the beams and rails in a large box or tie together with moving rope, twine or straps for transport. Place any hardware in a bag and securely tape to the interior of the box or the tied pieces.

Step 5

Place your Sleep Number bed mattress into a mattress moving box if available. Fully inflate your mattress and use your air chamber cap(s) to stop air from escaping the hose(s) during transport. If you don't have a mattress box, go to Step 7.

Step 6

Wrap the Firmness Control™ System with pump and remote control in bubble wrap and box with your Sleep Number bed instructions.

Step 7

Disassemble the mattress if you don't own or can't obtain a mattress moving box. Deflate the mattress and remove the mattress cover, foam comfort pad, border wrap, foam border walls and air chamber(s). Wrap with dual layers of thick plastic furniture-wrap sheeting or furniture pads to protect against dirt, debris or staining.

Step 8

Re-assemble your Sleep Number bed after moving it by following the instructions in your owner's manual.