How to Put Together a Sleep Number Bed

The Sleep Number Bed is an advanced mattress system that can be adjusted to the firmness of your liking; the dual-chamber Sleep Number Bed even allows each side of the mattress to be adjusted to a different firmness. Upon purchasing a Sleep Number bed, the task of assembling it is yours. According to (the Sleep Number Bed website), a Sleep Number bed is easy to assemble. With a little patience and attention to the instructions, you can have your Sleep Number bed put together and ready for a good night's sleep.

Assembling the Sleep Number Bed Foundation

Step 1

Put together your bed frame if you have one; otherwise, you can place your Sleep Number bed on the floor or on the optional foundation legs sold separately by Select Comfort. The Sleep Number Bed can use a standard bed frame appropriate to your mattress size.

Step 2

Connect the side rails by pushing the components labeled "side A rail" and "side B rail" together. These components connect in the middle. Push firmly; they will join tightly.

Step 3

Insert the pin component to keep side A rail and side B rail together.

Step 4

Install the foundations legs, if you've purchased them, by inserting them into the holes on the bottom of the side rails. The foundation legs raise the bed off the floor without a traditional bed frame.

Step 5

Insert the support/end beams into the side rails. The end beams create a rectangular foundation, while the support beams run across the middle of the foundation, with their ends pushed into corresponding holes on the side rails. For twin, queen and eastern king beds, insert the support beams with the black tabs up and the textured side out. For full and California king beds, insert the labeled end beams followed by the rest of the support beams with the black tabs up. For expanded queen beds, attach a corner bracket onto each end beam before connecting the end beams to the side rails.

Step 6

Lay the deck panels on top of the frame and support beams. The panels should meet in the middle and be snug; do not force them.

Step 7

Put on the coverlet over the foundation. The coverlet is similar to a fitted sheet for a mattress. Work with one side at a time. The expanded queen bed's coverlet will be positioned over the corner brackets.

Assembling the Sleep Number Bed Mattress

Step 8

Position the mattress cover on the foundation and unzip the mattress cover. Once the mattress cover is unzipped, there will be a opening into which to place the corner locks and the foam border walls. Make sure that the holes on the mattress cover are at the head of the bed.

Step 9

Place corner locks on all four corners on the inside of the mattress cover. Install the longer foam border walls inside the mattress cover, along the sides, to extend the length of the bed. Place the shorter foam border walls inside the mattress cover at the head and the foot of the bed. If you have a dual-chamber Sleep Number Bed, place the center foam wall inside to divide the mattress cover (and sleeping areas) in half.

Step 10

Connect the hose in each air chamber to a hole on the head of the mattress cover.

Step 11

Connect the Firmness Control System to the mattress cover and the air chambers, then place it on the floor at the head of the bed and plug it in. Inflate the air chambers using the remote. If you have purchased the foam comfort pads, place them over the air chambers.

Step 12

Verify the "border wrap positioning" (according to after everything has been inflated and placed; this means to make sure that everything is securely inside the mattress and not hanging out. When you've ensured that everything is in place, zip the top of the mattress cover.