How To Troubleshoot and Fix A Sleep Number Mattress Leak

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Sleep Number mattresses are a dream come true for partners who vary differently in their mattress preferences because each side of the bed can be an entirely different level of firmness. To maintain that variety within a single mattress, a Sleep Number mattress pumps air in and out of either side. Every once in awhile, this means that air can leak out of small tears or holes in the mattress. If this happens, don't give up on your dreams of a good night's sleep. There are quite a few easy fixes to stop your Sleep Number mattress from becoming deflated.

How To Troubleshoot and Fix A Sleep Number Mattress Leak
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Locate the Leak

Before stopping air loss in your mattress, you must find the leak. To do so, you'll have to take some of the top layers of your mattress apart. First, inflate the bed to about 15 points higher than you normally keep it. Then, strip the bed of its sheets and take off the removable cover that zips all the way around the bed. Next, you'll see the grey air chamber and Firmness Control System that Sleep Number uses to control the firmness on either side of the bed.

If you have a foam comfort pad or memory foam bed, remove those as well. Then, go to the head of the bed where you should see the air system's connections that control air flow into the chambers.

Hose Connection

There are a few different issues that could be causing the leak. First, check the connection of the hose by gently tugging on it. If it moves around quite a bit, this could be the source of your leak. Screw it in tightly and sleep on the mattress for a night to determine if you've fixed the problem.

If the hose was secure and you didn't feel any air leaking out, move on to the next step.

Firmness Control System

If the leak is coming from within the Firmness Control system, you may be able to fix the problem by doing some capping troubleshooting. This is usually the case if you have air loss on both sides of the bed or a leak coming from a single chamber bed.

Look for white closure caps to fix the leak. If your bed was installed by a home delivery team, they are likely stored inside the bed. If you don't see them, you can get free replacements either at a Sleep Number store or via the company's website.

To stop the leak, have the caps at the ready as you push in the grey tab at the top of the hose and pull to disconnect the hose. Immediately cap off the hose with one of the white closure caps. Then, with the hose disconnected, look around for any tears, holes or other signs of damage in the hose or surrounding areas. You'll also want to make sure that the black, rubber O-rings on the connector are in place. If there is a missing O-ring, you'll need to replace it. If you see a leak or tear in this area, you can repair it with a patching kit from Sleep Number.

After inspecting the area and reconnecting the hose, put your bed back together. Sleep on the bed for a few nights. If the air loss has stopped, your leak was in the Firmness Control System, and you have fixed it.

If you still are experiencing air loss, the source of the leak is in your air chamber, and you can move on to the next step.

Air Chamber Leak

A leak in your air chamber could be an internal issue that requires more advanced repairs and possibly new parts to your bed. If the air loss continues after you've troubleshooted leaks in the hose and Firmness Control System, it's best to get in touch with your local Sleep Number store to figure out how best to proceed.

A leak in your Sleep Number bed doesn't mean you have to run out and buy a new mattress. A little troubleshooting and some careful fixes can have you back to a peaceful night's sleep in no time.


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