How to Disconnect a Sleep Comfort Bed

Sleep Comfort beds allow you to move the mattress into several different positions to suit your needs. The beds have a base that is normally the box springs of a standard bed. The base of the bed also includes the adjustable frame. When moving the bed to another location or just to another room, it is necessary to take it apart. When disconnecting a Sleep Comfort bed, keep all loose hardware in a central location for quick access when you want to reassemble the bed.

Step 1

Press the "Level" button on the Sleep Comfort remote. Release the button once the bed is completely level.

Step 2

Unplug the power-box electrical cord from the wall outlet. If the power-box cord plugs into a surge protector, turn the surge protector to the "Off" position and unplug the power-box cord from the surge protector.

Step 3

Lift the mattress off the base of the Sleep Comfort bed. Remove the screws securing the mattress retainer to the foot of the bed base with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the wire mattress retainer from the bed base.

Step 4

Turn the wing nuts securing the headboard brackets to the headboard counterclockwise, whether you have either the swing-away brackets or straight brackets. Pull the screws out of the bracket and roll the bed base away from the headboard.

Step 5

Tie the power box to the bottom of the bed-base frame with plastic zip ties if moving the bed to another location. This helps prevent undue stress on the power cords.