How do I Program a Select Comfort Adjustable Bed Remote?

Select Comfort produces a line of beds called Sleep Number Beds that allows users to program how firm or soft a bed they prefer by selecting a number on the remote control. The higher the number, the more firm the mattress. Sleep Number Beds do not rely on the traditional coil mattresses; the mattresses are supported by air chambers instead, which fill with air based on your specifications from the remote. For couples, beds can come equipped with dual air chambers so each side of the bed can be programmed to whoever sleeps on that side.

Sleep Number beds can help ease the aches and pains that can come from sleeping on a coil mattress.

Step 1

Lay on the bed as you would while sleeping. For example if you tend to sleep on your side, lay on your side.

Step 2

Press the up and down arrows on the remote to find the desired level of firmness and softness, represented by a number on the remote screen. Ideally, the bed should conform to your curves and weight to cradle your body.

Step 3

Pause for a few seconds each time you press the arrows. The air chamber will take a few moments to adjust the air to suit the selected number.

Step 4

Observe the number the remote shows when you have reached the ideal level of comfort. This is your sleep number. The bed will remain at this level until someone changes it.

Step 5

Press the memory button below the arrows if your remote is equipped with a memory button. This stores the sleep number so you can return to it easily if someone changes the settings of the bed.