How to Remove the Footboard From the Bed

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You can remove the footboard from the bed with a wrench.

Beds are composed of a frame, mattress, box spring, headboard and a footboard. Structural support of a bed is provided by the bed frame. Headboards and footboards are purely decorative and not a necessary component of a bed. Footboards may need to be removed if they are going to be replaced, are broken or make the bed too short for use.


Step 1

Remove the bedding, mattress and box spring from the bed.

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Step 2

Locate the brackets that attach the footboard to the bed rails and find the right size wrench for the nuts and bolts. In some cases, the nuts and bolts may require two different size wrenches.


Step 3

Hold the footboard in place so it doesn't wobble or fall as the bolts are loosened. If necessary, have someone hold the footboard.

Step 4

Loosen the nuts with the wrench; hold the bolts in place with a second wrench if they begin to turn while loosening the nuts. Set the nuts and washers aside; the washers will slide off after the nut is removed.


Step 5

Lift up and slide the footboard away from the bed frame.

Step 6

Secure and tighten the bolts, nuts and washers onto the end of the bed frame if required for the bed type. If not required, put the nuts and washers onto the bolts to keep them together in case the footboard will be replaced.

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