How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover Plate That Doesn't Have Screws

The standard shower drain is held in place with a screw driven through the center into a lower support. Other drain covers connect with no visible screws or support media. The basic type of drain cover, a snap-on cover, connects by simply snapping the drain cover into place onto the drain. The snap-on variety may be held in place with some silicone adhesive so it will require force to pull it free. The other type screws into place. It is a little more difficult to remove but can be done quickly by following these steps.

The majority of strainers are held in place with one or two screws or adhesive.

Step 1

Spray some spray lubricant along the lip of the drain cover. Allow the lubricant to settle into the threads for a few minutes.

Step 2

Insert the ends of a pair of needle-nose pliers into any of the openings on the drain cover. The pointed ends should be on opposite sides of the drain.

Step 3

Hold a pliers firmly with one hand per grip and twist to the left. Screw-in type strainers and those that are held in place with industrial adhesive will slowly come free. Spray more lubricant as necessary.