The Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System is designed to help you create single-cup, made-to-order gourmet coffee drinks at home. With an LCD display, multiple brew size options and programmable brew cycles, the Keurig brewer is loaded with convenient features. When problems arise, they can put a dent in your morning, but luckily many common Keurig B60 problems such as power and brewing issues can easily be diagnosed .

Some problems with the Keurig B60 brewer can be fixed on your own.

Power Problems

Step 1

Place the brewer's plug in a working outlet. Press the plug in firmly to secure it. Plug a working appliance into the outlet to test the outlet if the brewer does not turn on. Plug the brewer into a different outlet if necessary.

Step 2

Press the Power button on the brewer in firmly. Wait for the brewer to turn on.

Step 3

Examine your home's circuit breaker or fuse box for blown fuses or circuits. Replace any damaged fuses. Reset the circuit breaker by flipping any switches in the "Off" position to the"On" position.

Brewing Problems

Step 4

Lift the handle on the top front of the unit to open the K-Cup holder if the machine will not brew. Place the K-Cup in the holder. Press the handle down firmly to secure it. Wait for the LCD panel to display the message"Ready to Brew."Press "Small Cup, Small Mug or Large Mug" depending on the size of your cup.

Step 5

Fill the water reservoir if the LCD reads"Add Water."Remove the lid to the reservoir and pour water into it until water rises to the reservoir's top edge. Press the reservoir down firmly into the base if the message appears again.

Step 6

Clean the exit needle at the bottom of the K-Cup holder with a paperclip if the brewer produces little or no coffee. Lift the handle on top of the unit to open the top cover. Press upward on the bottom of the K-Cup holder with one hand while holding the top of the holder with one hand until the K-Cup holder detaches from the base. Remove the funnel and slip the paper clip into the opening in the exit needle and push out the clog. Rinse out the K-Cup holder under a faucet and place it back in the machine. (Ref1)

Step 7

Descale the Keurig coffee machine if the brewer is still not producing enough coffee. Pour out any extra water in the reservoir and fill it to top edge with vinegar. Place a mug on the drip tray and press the Large Mug button to start a brew cycle without using a K-Cup. Pour out the mug's contents when it fills. Repeat the brew cycle three times, let the brewer sit for four hours, fill the reservoir with clean water and run the brew cycle until the water reservoir is empty.