How to Light a Roper Oven Pilot Light

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There are a few steps you need to follow to light your oven pilot light.
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Even in the digital age, some crave for the olden days and value an antique item over modern-day technological advancements. If you're a lover of antique cooking items, then you might be familiar with Roper ovens and stoves. Roper ovens are no longer manufactured, but if you're lucky enough to own the Cadillac of antique products, you may need assistance with Roper electric stove troubleshooting. You may especially need help when it comes to lighting the Roper gas stove or Roper oven range pilots.

Lifting Your Cooktop

Before you light your Roper gas stove or Roper oven range pilots, you need to make sure all of your controls are turned off. After you make sure all of the controls are turned off, remove the surface burner grates from the cooktop and lift the cooktop. According to the Roper Home Appliances Use and Care Guide, to lift the cooktop, you have to remove the surface burner grates and lift the front of the cooktop at both front corners until the support rods lock into place.

Roper Stove Pilot Light

According to the Roper Home Appliances Use and Care Guide, to light the Roper stove pilot light, you have to hold a match over the pilot light. The pilot light is located between the front and back burners. Make sure that your pilot flame is only 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch high. If your Roper stove pilot light needs adjustment, you can turn the pilot adjustment screw midway down the length of the manifold pipe, which is located behind the control panel.

After you successfully light the range pilots, you need to lower the cooktop and replace the grates. To lower the cooktop, simply lift the cooktop from both sides while pressing the support rods back so that they unlock. Then you can lower the cooktop.

Roper Oven Burner Pilot

To light the Roper oven burner pilot, make sure that the oven temperature control is turned off. Then, remove the oven bottom. To remove the oven bottom, you have to remove the oven racks and remove the two hold-down screws that are located at the rear of the Roper oven. If you can't remove the screws by hand because they're screwed tightly, use a screwdriver. After you loosen the screws, place your fingers in the slots of the bottom panel.

Then you can lift the rear of the panel up and back until the lip of the front of the panel is clear of the front frame of the Roper oven cavity. After you remove the oven bottom, you'll need to unscrew the burner baffle that is located on the burner. Next, hold a lit match over the Roper oven burner pilot. According to the Roper Home Appliances Use and Care Guide, the Roper oven burner pilot is located at the rear of the burner.

When the Roper oven burner pilot starts to burn steadily, you need to check the burner lighting, which is done by turning the oven temperature control to a temperature that is above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn't take more than 60 seconds for the burner to light. After you get the burner pilot burning, you can then replace the burner baffle and the oven bottom.


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