How to Light a Magic Chef Oven

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It can take some time for your Magic Chef oven to get going.
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Magic Chef® is one brand of the MCA Corporation, and Magic Chef ovens are among the appliances that the company offers. Turning on the Magic Chef gas oven burner couldn't be easier because of the appliance's pilotless ignition system. The surface burners on a Magic Chef stove are also lit by a pilotless ignition. But don't be alarmed if you experience a delay up to 45 seconds between turning on your Magic Chef oven and the actual igniting of the burner.


Magic Chef Oven Pilotless Ignition

A pilotless ignition, also called an automatic electronic or electric ignition, allows you to light surface burners or oven heating elements without using a match to ignite them. Because a pilotless ignition doesn't have a pilot light that stays on, called a standing pilot light, the appliance doesn't use gas when it's not in use. Using a spark igniter, a pilotless ignition system lights a burner or heating element when the control is turned on, the electricity generates a spark, gas is released and the spark ignites the gas.


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Igniting a Magic Chef Oven

The gas burner utilized for baking is located underneath the Magic Chef oven cavity so that heat can rise to bake food in the oven. To light the oven for baking, push in the temperature control knob, hold it for three seconds and then release it. You'll hear the igniter continuing to spark, which is normal. While pushing in the knob again, turn it counterclockwise to the proper temperature before releasing it.


The gas burner utilized for broiling is located at the top of the oven. To light the broiler, push in the temperature control knob and turn it clockwise to the "Broil" setting.

Igniting Magic Chef Surface Burners

To light a surface burner on your Magic Chef stove, push in the control knob that corresponds to the burner you want to light and turn the knob counterclockwise to the "LITE" position. Even though you'll hear all the surface burners clicking, only the burner with "LITE" selected will actually produce a cooking flame. When the burner ignites, turn the knob to set the height of the flame.


Before lighting a surface burner, place your cookware on the grate. When adjusting the height of the flame, make sure that it doesn't extend above or beyond the sides of your cooking pot or pan.

When Burners Do Not Ignite

If your Magic Chef oven is not heating or the surface burners do not ignite, first check to make sure the power source to your appliance is on. You may simply need to replace a fuse or reset the circuit breaker if it tripped because of a power surge.


If the surface burners still don't ignite, the burner ports may be clogged. You can clean these ports by using a toothbrush.

To help keep a steady flame around the oven burner spreader, wash the spreader in soapy, boiling water and make sure it's thoroughly dry before re-installing it. Consult your user manual for proper removal of the burner spreader to clean it.


Magic Chef Customer Service

If you're still having trouble lighting your oven, contact Magic Chef Customer Service. When this page loads, you'll be able to choose among different contact options, including email, live chat or toll-free telephone number.



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