How to Adjust a Kenmore LP Gas Orifice Oven

All Kenmore gas ranges come from the factory set up for natural gas. If you plan to use one with LP gas, you must first convert it. The conversion is not difficult. The oven kit may come with the stove and all you have to do is install it and adjust the flame. Many times, instructions on adjusting the flame may be obscure -- if they're included at all. It takes just a few minutes to adjust the flame on a Kenmore LP gas orifice oven.

Adjusting the flame on a Kenmore LP gas oven is not difficult once you know what to do.

Step 1

Pull the stove away from the wall so you can get behind it. Turn off the gas for the stove. Disconnect the gas line from the stove with an adjustable wrench. Remove the bottom drawer from the oven by pulling it out and depressing the retaining clips to release it.

Step 2

Find the oven orifice at the burner assembly. Adjust the orifice by tightening the brass fitting on the oven burner valve. You may have to adjust two fittings; one is for the oven burner and one for the broiler, though not all models have this feature.

Step 3

Remove the hex nut under the range from the gas valve with an adjustable wrench. Flip the plastic pin in that assembly over and reinstall the nut using the adjustable wrench. Connect the gas line to the stove. Turn the gas valve on. Push the stove into place against the wall.

Step 4

Turn on the gas for the oven to check the flame. For LP gas, the flame should be blue, with slight yellowing at the tip. Adjust if the flame does not appear this way.