How to Replace the Oven Light on an Electric GE Profile Oven

The light on the inside of your oven will help you check the progress of your food. GE electric Profile ovens come with an oven bulb. When the bulb breaks or goes out, you will need to replace it. Replacing the bulb is much like replacing a bulb in a lamp. Purchase replacement bulbs directly from GE or take the burnt out bulb to a hardware store to purchase a generic bulb that is the same size and wattage.

Step 1

Put on gloves. Disconnect the electrical power by flipping the breaker. This will prevent electric shock.

Step 2

Open the oven, and rotate the glass oven light bulb cover counter-clockwise until the tabs come out of the socket.

Step 3

Pull the broken bulb straight out.

Step 4

Press the replacement bulb into the socket. Make sure to keep the gloves on, as the oils from your hand could shorten the bulb's life.

Step 5

Clean the glass cover with glass cleaner and a paper towel.

Step 6

Twist the glass bulb cover clockwise until it locks into place.

Step 7

Reconnect electrical power.