How to Reset the Gas on a Thermocouple Wedgewood Stove

Wedgewood stoves were used widely in the 1930s and 1940s, although now they are considered vintage or antique stoves. They run on gas and have a standing pilot light, like many older gas stoves. Wedgewood stoves have a thermocouple next to the pilot that senses when the stove is turned on, allowing the pilot light to ignite the gas. There's also an extra safety valve on the stove with a red button that allows you to reset the gas if the stove doesn't light.

Step 1

Locate the safety valve on your Wedgewood stove. In most cases the valve will be in the upper right-hand or lower right-hand portion of the stove's oven.

Step 2

Press the safety valve's button and hold it for three to five seconds.

Step 3

Release the button. Turn on the stove and see if the burners light. If so, the gas has been reset. If not, press and hold the safety button again until the burners do light.

Hollan Johnson

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