How to Reset the Gas on a Thermocouple Wedgewood Stove

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Wedgewood gas stoves can offer wonderful cooking ability and be a great addition to your kitchen. Thanks to their vintage looks, they're quite popular in themed modern kitchens, and DIYers love to undertake Wedgewood oven refurbishment. It's important to ensure that a gas Wedgewood oven is hooked up properly, and resetting the gas should be done with proper safety precautions in mind.


Wedgewood Oven Repair

If you're looking to undertake a Wedgewood oven repair, be sure you completely comprehend what will be involved before you get started. Any project that involves an appliance connected to gas or electricity can be extremely dangerous if attempted by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.


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Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of poisoning from a gas leak and have a charged phone nearby in case you need to contact the fire department. If you're not certain how to deal with the gas connection to your oven, don't proceed. Contact a professional for assistance.

Always read your oven manual before you begin repairs, as well. If your vintage Wedgewood oven doesn't have a manual handy, search online. You may be able to find a copy there.


Resetting the Gas

A Wedgewood stove uses a thermocouple, located next to the pilot light, to ignite the gas that powers the stove. The thermocouple is able to detect when the stove is turned on and then ignite the pilot light. If a Wedgewood gas stove pilot light doesn't turn on as it should, you can reset the gas.


Wedgewood stoves have a safety valve accessed via a red button on their right side. Once you locate the red button, which may be on either the top or bottom of the right side, press it for three to five seconds. Then, release the button. This process should reset the gas.

To check whether the reset worked, turn on the stove as you would normally. The thermocouple should cause the pilot light to ignite and the stove should turn on. If the reset didn't work, there is a larger issue than just the need to reset the gas. You may need to replace a part, such as the thermocouple.


Finding Wedgewood Stove Parts

Wedgewood stove parts may be available through various manufacturers, but the Wedgewood company itself is no longer producing stoves. If you're restoring an old Wedgewood oven or need to make a repair to one that you already have in use, contact an antique dealer or stove company to see if they can assist. If you find that you need a new thermocouple to fix your ignition issue, you may be able to find it on a site like eBay or at your local antique or pawn shop.


Fortunately, since restoring vintage ovens has become so popular, there are also a lot of resources on the internet that may be able to guide you through the repair process. Websites like Antique Gas Stoves say that they specialize in this sort of item and even offer photos of the replacement parts they sell so you can easily tell if they'll suit your needs before you order.




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