How to Adjust the Propane Burner on a Frigidaire

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Configure the propane burner's flame on your Frigidaire gas range.
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The propane burner on your Frigidaire gas range controls the size of the flame while the burner is in use, and is configured by default to a 1-inch opening for a steady flame release. If the flame's size is too low or too high, adjust the burner's size by manually configuring the burner's valve steam. Once adjusted, the burner produces a larger or smaller flame based on the new setting for consistently even cooking speeds.


Step 1

Pull the surface burner knob off to access the burner adjuster.

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Step 2

Insert the end of the screwdriver into the surface knob's opening on the range. Continue into the opening until the screwdriver makes contact with the burner's screw.

Step 3

Jiggle the screwdriver to ensure the blade is securely inserted into the screw's slot.


Step 4

Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to open the size of the burner or turn the screwdriver clockwise to reduce the burner's flame opening.

Step 5

Remove the screwdriver from the range's opening and insert the surface control knob back onto the range.


Step 6

Turn the surface control knob to "Lite" on the range to light the burner and determine the flame's size. The flame should remain lit at the burner's lowest setting without turning off.

Step 7

Twist the knob clockwise to "Off" to turn off the burner once you have determined the flame's size.



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