How to Connect Galvanized Pipe to CPVC Pipe

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Things You'll Need

  • CPVC primer

  • CPVC glue

  • Thread tape

  • Pipe wrench

  • Adjustable wrench

Galvanized to CPVC connections are mechanical joints.

Connecting galvanized pipe to CPVC pipe is accomplished by a mechanical joint. The two pipes have vastly different outside diameters. There are few if any compression style pipe couplings on the market to join galvanized and C{VC pipe. Mechanical pipe joints are used to join different pipe materials together; joining PVC to metal, lead to cast iron and so on. The main thing to remember about making mechanical pipe joints is to use the correct tape or paste for the materials you are joining.


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Step 1

Attach a female CPVC adapter onto the CPVC pipe. Brush the inside of the female fitting and the outside of pipe with CPVC primer. Allow to dry for a few seconds; it will evaporate quickly. Apply the CPVC glue to the inside of the fitting and outside of the pipe. Immediately push the fitting onto the pipe, twist and hold for a few seconds. Allow the joint to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2

Clean any oils or debris from the galvanized pipe threads. Wrap the threads, in a clockwise motion with thread tape 4 times.

Step 3

Screw the CPVC female adapter onto the galvanized pipe threads by hand. Tighten the joint by placing a pipe wrench on the galvanized pipe as a back up. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the female adaptor until it is securely in place. Test the joint for leaks with air or water.


If you use pipe paste, make sure it rated for CPVC and galvanized pipe.


Do not over tighten the CPVC pipe fitting.


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