How to Wash a Polyester Comforter

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Not only are polyester comforters bulky to launder, they come with specific washing instructions. Take time to explore laundering particulars to extend the bedding's life, reduce fading, control wrinkling and retain its fire-retardant properties.


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Wash Temperature and Stain Solutions

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Your polyester comforter's laundering tag may recommend that you wash the bedding article in cool or warm water: 120-degrees Fahrenheit may be the maximum temperature recommendation. Like a hot dryer, hot water can cause the synthetic fabric to wrinkle and shrink, or set to "cook" any stains. Treat stains with undiluted liquid laundry soap before laundering. A second wash can help to remove stubborn marks. Carefully check for darkened areas from body oil or others discolorations after each wash cycle.


Suds and Softeners

Use only gentle laundry detergent to wash your polyester comforter, but again, refer to its laundering tag, which might instruct you to skip the bleach and fabric softener. A few times a year, or as needed, hang the comforter outdoors to freshen or sanitize it; the sun's powerful rays help destroy bacteria that a cool- or warm-water wash doesn't. As with polyester athletic wear, fabric-softener residue can clog your synthetic comforter's weave or fill, also hindering its fire-retardant properties, explains the Xtreme Wear website.


A Dry Topic

If you can't line-dry your polyester comforter outdoors, put it in the dryer on the coolest setting. Take it out of the dryer about every 20 minutes and fluff it to help keep the fill from bunching. To control wrinkles, remove it from the dryer while it's still a little damp; drape it over the back of the couch or a group of dining room chairs and let it dry completely. Check the tag for ironing do's or don'ts; you may be able to use an iron on a low or medium setting.


Too Bulking

A king-sized or generously stuffed comforter likely isn't going to fit in a standard washing machine, so plan for seasonal trips to the laundromat -- take your pillows too. Don't be tempted to add anything to the washer or dryer except like-material bed sheets -- rough or dense fabrics, such as towels or jeans, act as sandpaper, causing more delicate fabrics to pill. Wash a polyester-cotton-blend duvet cover as you would a polyester comforter.


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