The Average Washer & Dryer Dimensions

Washers and dryers come in several styles, but not all models will fit in the designated laundry space of your home. Before purchasing these appliances, carefully measure the space you have for them, allowing enough room for the doors of the units to open and for air to circulate around them.

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Size Matters

You'll find several types of washers and dryers available on the market, including compact, stacked, top-loading and front-loading models. The average compact units are 24 inches wide, 22 to 24 inches deep and 33 to 34 inches tall. Combination washer/dryer stacked units are typically 27 inches wide, 30 to 32 inches deep and 75 inches tall. Most top-loading washers and coordinating front-loading dryers are around 27 inches wide, 27 to 28 inches deep and 34 to 43 inches high, including the back control panels of the units. The largest units you'll find are the high-capacity front-loading washers and dryers, which are around 27 inches wide, 32 to 34 inches deep and 35 to 42 inches tall.

Making It Fit

When configuring your laundry area, allow for 2 to 6 inches of space around the washer and dryer so that air can circulate properly. To save space, you can stack full-size front-loading and most compact units. Leave at least 2 feet of empty space above top-loading washers and in front of front-loading units to allow for doors to open. Note that laundry pedestals add around 7 to 15 inches in height to front-loading units.