Easy Way to Wash a King Size Comforter at Home

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Washing your king-size comforter at home is a relatively easy process. Depending on the fabric and condition of the item, there's no need to spend a considerable amount of money on dry cleaning your comforter. There's a method for every condition. Machine washing is for the less delicate fabrics, hand washing is for delicates and dry-wet washing is for comforters that need to be cleaned but not necessarily washed. Make sure you read your comforter's label so you know how to treat the fabric.


Machine Wash

Check the label on the comforter to see if it is washable. If you notice a lot of intricacies like beading and accessories, it's better to use a different method. Make sure your comforter fits comfortably into your washer and dryer. If it doesn't have enough room, it will not get clean when you wash it. If it is too big, you must hand wash it. Most comforters will fit in most standard-size washers and dryers, so this shouldn't be an issue.

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Spray the comforter with stain remover before you put it into the washer. Use a small quantity of pre-wash stain removal liquid spray, and spray it in an inconspicuous part of the comforter. This will serve to remove any unnatural stains while the comforter is being washed. Choose a water temperature based on what the label says. Add laundry detergent. Wash on the gentlest cycle your machine has.


When the cycle is complete, either air dry or dry it in the dryer (based on your comforter's label). The safest bet is to air dry the comforter on a clothesline or banister. If you decide to put it in the dryer, put several tennis balls into the dryer with the comforter to keep it moving and loose. Dry on low heat, and take it out immediately when it is dry to avoid permanent wrinkles.

Hand Wash

Hand washing your comforter is the safer approach, especially for delicate materials and items with ornaments like beads and lace, but it is more time consuming. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water, and put in a cap full of laundry detergent. Put in the comforter, and swish it around for five minutes, allowing the fabric to soak up the water. Pull the comforter to one side of the tub, and drain the soapy water. Fill the tub with clear, cool water to rinse off the soap. Pull the comforter out of the tub, and ring out the excess water. Dry it outside on a line, or hang it over a banister.


Dry-Wet Hand Wash

Dry-wet hand washing is for comforters that have sporadic stains or just simply need a touchup. It involves a warm and damp rag, stain remover, a vacuum and a bucket of lukewarm water. Vacuum the comforter to remove any surface dust and grime. Find the spots that need to be cleaned, and gently wipe them with the damp rag, and spray with a small amount of liquid stain remover. Do this until all spots on the comforter are gone. Hang the comforter on a clothesline or banister to dry and air out.


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