How to Refluff a Down Comforter

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Has your feather duvet gone flat? Don't worry; there's a way to fix that. Learning how to properly fluff and care for your comforter will make all the difference in the world. A fluffy, cozy bed and — most important — a good night's sleep are in your future.


Wash Your Comforter the Right Way

First, it's important to wash your comforter the right way if you want to ensure that it stays as soft and fluffy as possible. Load your comforter into the washing machine with soap or detergent and run it through a delicate cycle with either cold or warm water. Then, wash it a second time on a quick cycle. Washing a comforter twice is crucial because you want to get all the soap or detergent off it. Otherwise, the soap will mix with the natural oils of the feathers, which will flatten the filling over time.


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Try This Dryer Trick

When it's time to dry your comforter, make sure to do so on low or medium heat. (High heat is a no-no, as it will ruin the fabric.) Now, here comes the important part: Remove the comforter from the dryer a few times throughout the cycle and unclump it if you see any bunched fill. This will help the comforter retain its shape and will keep it light and fluffy.


Washing and drying your washable goose-down comforter is definitely a day-long commitment, but it's worth it if you want to protect your bedding. Finally, if you've had your comforter for a few years and it still remains flat even if you wash it properly, don't hesitate to take it to an expert to have it professionally laundered.

Invest in Daily Maintenance

If you want your washable goose-down comforter to be plush and fluffy, it requires daily love and care. A simple shake of your comforter can help it to look brand-new again. After you wake up in the mornings, spread your comforter flat on your bed. Lift up a corner and shake the comforter firmly (almost as if you're trying to remove dirt or dust from it) to redistribute the filling.


Then, move to the other side of the bed and shake the comforter again. Repeat this process until you've shaken the fabric from all four corners. If you notice any clumps, smack them hard to help smooth out the filling. If you take a few minutes to do this every day, it will help realign your comforter's filling, keeping it as fluffy as a cloud.



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