Exterior home skirting is found on mobile homes. It is placed around the entire structure, stretching from the base of the home to the ground. Not only is it used to make mobile homes more aesthetically pleasing, it also serves a purpose. Skirting helps keep rodents and small animals from scurrying under your house. It also helps keep your home insulated in the winter by preventing excess warmth from leaking out under your floors.

Most trailer parks require skirting on mobile homes.

Simulated Stone and Brick

If you have a fondness for stone masonry, incorporate it into your mobile home by purchasing simulated-stone vinyl skirting. This type of skirting is normally found in gray and brown stone patterns. Or, incorporate a brick look into your mobile home by installing simulated-brick vinyl skirting. Brick skirting is usually red, but it can also be found in shades of brown and in white. Simulated-look skirting gives your home the appearance of resting on a solid foundation and add a touch of personality to the exterior of your house.


If you live in a warm climate and are not worried about heat from your home escaping through the floors, install latticework skirting. This material, in addition to being used for porches, can help give your house a tropical touch. Choose latticework with small holes between slats--the smaller the holes, the more critters it will keep from crawling under your home.


Metal skirting does not have to be stereotypical gray. Metal skirting for mobile homes actually comes in many different colors and shapes. It also requires very little maintenance, compared to other types. Metal skirting is relatively heavy, so it is less likely to blow away in high winds, and it is easy to install insulation behind it. If skirting is dented, however, the marks can be difficult to remove because of the material's heft.


If you need strength and durability, try concrete skirting. This is one of the more expensive options, but it is not likely to sustain damage and it requires little to no maintenance. This skirting creates a tight seal around the base of your home. It will not be completely air-tight, however, because it should include an access panel some number of ventilation slots to prevent moisture from accumulating inside. If the concrete does not come in a color you like, you can also always paint it.