This Lamp Has Flowers That Open Up When You Turn It On

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It goes without saying that there's a lot to discover on social media. This is especially true when it comes to unique home decor, something we're always looking for. So, when we came across a gorgeous lamp with flowers that "open" up, you can be sure we had to learn more.


Shared by Josh and Matt Design on TikTok, the fixture is the Poppy Floor Lamp by Serien Lighting, a company based in Germany. Depending on the version, the lamp has one, three, or five arms, each with a "poppy flower" at its end.

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Each flower consists of a glass capsule with a lightbulb. When the lamp is turned on, the petals on the capsule slowly open up. Likewise, when the lamp is turned off and cools down, the petals gradually close.

So, how does this work, exactly? According to the Serien website, the petals are bimetallic, meaning they're sensitive to temperature and expand when exposed to heat. They're also flexible, so you can adjust the petals and redirect the light from each bulb.

The actual arms are also movable, so you can reposition them as you please. So fun!


On TikTok, Josh and Matt Design showed how they designed the floor lamps in a living room. The pieces worked beautifully with the space, which is full of bold and attractive shapes.

"We love how [the lamp is] inspired by nature, and it's such a fun dynamic addition," said the content creators. We couldn't agree more.


Where to buy the Serien Lighting Poppy Lamps:

The Poppy Floor Lamp is available through various retailers. For example, at Nostraforma, the 1-arm version is priced at about $555.

If you love the look of the Poppy Floor Lamp but don't have the space, you'll be glad to know that Serien Lighting makes a table lamp version. It's available for about $433 from Lighting Deluxe.



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