Weird Flex, But I Own the Best Ice Tray

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It's all about the little things in life, and this may very well be the best little thing of all.


Let's rewind. My last apartment was the first apartment I've ever had with an ice machine. And let me just say, I felt like it was the embodiment of luxury. "Is this what living large looks like?" I thought to myself as I lovingly gazed at my freezer's crisp white interior. Just kidding. I wasn't ‌that‌ dramatic. But I was ridiculously fired up.

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Cut to my current apartment — NO. ICE. MACHINE. Simply devastating. I needed a way to fulfill my newfound passion for a never-ending supply of ice. Enter: the Ice Cube.


W&P's Ice Cube is essentially an ice tray and ice box in one. I'm obsessed with it because instead of just making ice, it also stores three trays' worth of cubes, so I literally never run out of ice. It's like a compact, manual version of an ice machine. And I must admit, the cubes are ‌much‌ more aesthetically pleasing than those from my last apartment's ice machine. It turns out that an ice cube tray can, in fact, feel luxe. And while an ice tray can never quite compare to the convenience of an ice machine, this one comes pretty darn close.



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