How to Reset a Scotsman Ice Machine

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It is simple to reset a Scotsman ice machine.
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Scotsman ice machines are a quick way to get the benefits of cool ice without the frustrations of manually refilling ice trays. They are great to have in any large space or even simply at home to have ice on hand whenever you may need it. The day may come, however, where you go to your Scotsman ice machine and notice that there are issues, like no ice has been made or the ice is not at the right temperature. Luckily there are troubleshooting attempts that can be done at home if your Scotsman ice machine needs to be reset.


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Assessing the Problem

Before you begin any troubleshooting attempts at a commercial Scotsman ice machine repair, you need to assess what the problem is. If you see that there is no ice in the receiving bin, this may be due to a hiccup in the computer system installed within the machine, which is programmed to make the ice at regular intervals. If you wish to do a simple Scotsman ice machine reset, you must first locate the control panel and manually restart the machine.

If the control panel is not in an obvious place (such as right on the front of the machine) you may need to remove the ice bin to manually turn off the machine with the flick of the power switch. When you have located the control panel, the reset can be done easily by pushing and holding down the "off" button until the machine turns off.


Wait a short amount of time (10 seconds should be sufficient) and then push and hold the "on" button for a short time. This should activate the restart process for the computer and eliminate any computer glitch that could have been the problem.

Scotsman Prodigy Plus Not Making Ice

A lack of ice in the bin or a lack of ice coming from the machine in general could be the result of a few issues with your ice machine. If you hear regular noises coming from your machine but are seeing no results, one of the first places to look is where the ice pieces emerge from. It is possible that some ice cubes or a buildup of ice chips, depending on the ice form your machine makes, are lodged into the opening, preventing any further ice from falling into the bin.


Unfortunately, if stuck ice is not the problem, then you may need to consider ordering replacement pieces and hiring a repairman to make the necessary changes. It is possible that the water inlet valve is malfunctioning, which is essential in making the ice, or it could be the mechanism that controls the cube size that may be broken. These are essential pieces that may need attention if you want your ice machine to return to its normal functioning mode.

Potential Electrical Issues

The Scotsman Ice service manual mentions that you might consider the problem to be a "blown fuse or breaker" and this can be confirmed by looking to make sure everything is in order is the fuse box. If the Scotsman ice machine unit is not functioning at all, it is possible that it has blown a fuse, which must then be replaced. This could potentially happen due to a power outage or if too many appliances are hooked up to the same current.



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