How to Become the Rat Czar of Your Own House

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Rats in New York City are becoming a major problem for residents, which is why city officials have recently appointed Kathleen Corradi as their new 'rat czar.' Her job is to get rid of and control the population of NYC rats, which will in turn improve the city's overall health and cleanliness.


While we're so happy for NYC, we know that rats aren't just a problem there — they're everywhere. Not only can wild rodents spread diseases, but they can also seriously damage your home by doing things like chewing through electrical wires (possibly starting a fire) and ripping into your walls to build nests.

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We want to help everyone dealing with a rat infestation to become their household's very own rat czar. Here are six tips for getting rid of rats at home:


  1. Seal all cracks and other openings to your house with caulk or expanding foam.
  2. Clean your house often to prevent rats — make sure all food is sealed and put away so they don't have a reason to come inside.
  3. Spray peppermint oil around doorways and windows to deter rats.
  4. Clean up your yard and secure your compost bin.
  5. Place rat traps around your home if you have an active infestation.
  6. Call in a pro for serious problems.



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