How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats in the Home With Peppermint

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Mice and rats are scavenger rodents that can often take up residence in humans' homes because of the readily available supply of food scraps. Rats and mice are nuisances that can turn dangerous if they are carrying disease or viruses that could contaminate the humans. And while they are pests, there is still no need to eradicate them inhumanely. Mice and rat infestations can be controlled with peppermint oil just as effectively as if a commercial pest repellent was used.


Step 1

Do an inspection of your house and locate the areas where rats and mice are getting into the house and where they are going. Check under porches, at the corners of the outside walls and around windowsills. Make a list of these areas.

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Step 2

Clean up each area on your list. Pick up food scraps, used tissue paper, clothes and seal all the known entrances that the mice and rats use. Inevitably, there will be more that you have missed, but seal all the ones you find.


Step 3

Pour peppermint oil over the rags and place them in the corners of the rooms you just cleaned and sealed. Spread peppermint oil soaked rags all around your property and at each of the four corners of your house. The peppermint repels rodents due to the highly intense and aromatic fumes of the peppermint.

Step 4

Replace the rags every week or so until you no longer have a rodent infestation.



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