How to Naturally Keep Roaches out of Cabinets

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum

  • Bay leaves

  • Catnip

Maintain a clean environment by naturally keeping roaches from your cabinets.

Roaches can be a nuisance and they can bring dirt and bacteria to your home. It can be frustrating to find roaches in your kitchen cabinets. No one wants roaches in their home so it's very important to learn how to get rid of them. If you are against pesticides and other chemical sprays, there are natural ways to get rid of pesky bugs. Surprisingly, different types of plants can help keep roaches away. With the right expertise, your roach problem can be eradicated with some simple natural remedies.

Step 1

Vacuum up any food particles that may be on the floor or carpet. Sweeping up or vacuuming regularly can help keep the roaches away. You should also thoroughly clean the insides of the cabinets before treating them.

Step 2

Throw the garbage out regularly. The garbage can be an enticement for roaches, so it very important that it is thrown out every day.

Step 3

Purchase dried bay leaves at your local supermarket. You can also get bay leaves at a natural food store. It is important to get dried bay leaves as they are easier to place in tight spaces. Catnip is also another option for getting rid of roaches. Catnip can also be purchased at a supermarket, as well as a pet store.

Step 4

Crush 4 to 5 bay leaves with your hands. You can also cut them up with a knife. The crushed bay leaves will produce several small pieces. You can crush more leaves if you want to cover a wider area in your home.

Step 5

Sprinkle the pieces of bay leaves on the edges of the cabinets and other areas you want to cover. You can also use this method with the catnip. You can leave the leaves or the catnip in these areas until there are no signs of roaches. It may be best to leave a small amount in all problem areas, at all times.

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