People Are Losing It Over This Electric Drill Gardening Hack

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Spring has sprung, and gardens everywhere are blooming. On TikTok, one particular garden has caught the attention of millions. "Gardengranny," a 73-year-old gardener who spends eight hours a day working with her flowers, has gone viral for planting some 14,000 crocuses in a gorgeous, meadowlike garden.


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But it's not just the garden itself that people are interested in — it's also Gardengranny's planting technique. Her crocuses are all hand-planted, but she gets a little mechanical help.


In the initial viral video, Gardengranny can be seen using a drill to dig holes for her crocus bulbs, and people were fascinated by the method of planting. "[T]hat lawn got hand embroidered," wrote one commenter.

To better explain her method, Gardengranny posted an instructional video with the specifics. She uses a 10-inch-long, 1 1/2-inch-wide drill bit (she shared this similar one on Amazon) to drill down a few inches into the ground, drops in the crocus bulbs, and fills the holes with soil.

To get that naturally grown look where the blooms seem to meander throughout the garden, Gardengranny simply tosses a handful of crocus bulbs on the ground and plants them where they lie.


She also advises that crocus bulbs are best planted in the fall, after which they'll bloom for about two weeks as spring arrives. And they're perennials, which means they'll come back every year!

Many commenters wondered how she mows her lawn during the bloom, and the answer is simple — she doesn't. Because the crocuses bloom so early in the season, the grass isn't growing much at that time, and therefore, it doesn't need to be mowed.


So, while you might not have the time or space to plant 14,000 crocuses, you can still use Gardengranny's drill-planting technique to plant a garden of your own.



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