“Bulb Lasagna” Is the Trick to Creating a Planter That’s Constantly in Bloom

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The best thing about lasagna is the different layers you discover as you dig in. Now, take that basic-but-clearly-effective principle and apply it to your garden.


With the "lasagna" technique, you'll get instant fall blooms right now, and a new layer of fresh growth come spring to create an ever-blooming flower pot. The key is creating layers of soil and bulbs until you reach the top of the pot — then carving out a space to add a currently blooming plant.

The secret to keeping your planter flourishing all the way through spring? What you feed it. Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food is chock-full of essential nutrients that will help feed and grow your plants, and supports root strength and development. Plus, one feeding equals up to three months of food for your soon-to-be-blossoming planters. Watch the video below for everything you need to know.

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