This Pink Plant Is a Must for Creating Joyful Spaces

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All plants bring us joy, but we'd be lying if we said that some plants don't bring us more joy than others. (Yes, we have a favorite child.) One such beauty is the Tradescantia Nanouk, which is also known as Fantasy Voice.


When you look at Tradescantia Nanouk for the first time, you will immediately be starstruck. Pistils Nursery describes it as having "painterly foliage [that] looks to be stroked with dark green, mint, pink, and magenta." Yes, it's a pink plant!

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The Fantasy Voice plant loves bright, indirect light and water once the top inch of its soil feels dry — making it easy to care for. In addition, Plant Care Today reports that Tradescantia Nanouk flowers throughout the spring and early autumn, but that it can bloom in the winter if it's kept indoors.


On Etsy, you can buy this gorgeous greenery (and pink-ery?) for $32+. Home Depot also sells the plant for $38.98.

We can't wait to add this Fantasy Voice plant to our spaces for an instant dose of joy.

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