8 Silk Sheet Sets That Are the Definition of Luxury

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We all have our preferences when it comes to our bedsheets, whether you're into the soft texture of linen, the crispness of cotton, or the coziness of jersey. For some, there's nothing better than slipping into silk sheets at the end of a long day, and we can totally see why. Silk sheets are extra soft and, quite frankly, feel luxurious.


So, if you're ready to give silk sheets a go or you're just in the market for a high-end set, take a look at some of our favorite silk sheets.

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8 Silk Sheet Sets You Can Buy Online

Lunya might have gotten its start in washable silk pajamas, but it's caught our eye for its washable silk bedding too. Lunya doesn't sell its silk bedding in sets, but you can purchase the individual pieces, from this flat sheet to a fitted sheet to pillowcases, allowing you to completely customize your bedding experience. One thing to note: The sheets only come in white.

Crafted from mulberry silk made from the cocoons of domesticated mulberry silk worms, these sheets come in 10 neutral and pastel colors. As with all silk sheets, this set is temperature-regulating, meaning it can work in all seasons.

The majority of silk sheets are solid colors, but these sheets are a punchy collaboration between LILYSILK and Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa, whose abstract photographs of flowers adorn the bedding. At 19 momme — a unit of measurement for the weight of silk fabrics that often correlates to quality — this is a midweight sheet.


If genuine silk is out of your price range, consider opting for synthetic satin sheets instead. Satin refers to the weave, which leaves the fabric feeling silky no matter the material. In the case of these wrinkle-free sheets, that material is microfiber, available in seven colors.

Another silky sheet option that's more budget friendly than true silk is sateen, which refers to the weave of the fibers and ends up feeling quite smooth and slick on the skin. These wrinkle-resistant sateen sheets are made from high-quality Supima cotton, which makes them very breathable.


One more silk alternative — bamboo fibers can be woven into silky fabrics, as in the case of these extra-smooth, moisture-wicking sheets. We particularly love that bamboo is a sustainable resource that's relatively gentle on Mother Nature when cultivated.

These hefty 22-momme mulberry silk sheets skew a little heavier, which makes the sheets feel a tad more luxurious than some competitors. As with all genuine silk sheets, these are gentler on your hair than cotton, reducing frizz.



Ready for a major splurge? This set, which includes a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a duvet cover, is made from 22-momme mulberry silk that feels ultra luxurious. It's also OEKO-TEX certified, so you know your bedding will be free of potentially harmful substances that can sometimes be added during the manufacturing process.

How to Wash Silk Sheets

Silk can sometimes scare off potential customers given its reputation for being both expensive and difficult to clean. But there are silk sheets across price ranges, and most are pretty easy to clean these days too.


"When caring for silk sheets, remember to read the tags before washing and drying," Rechelle Balanzat, founder of laundry company Juliette, tells Hunker. "Make sure to separate your silk from all other laundry before washing and use a fine mesh laundry bag. In order to preserve the fabric, wash the silk either by hand or on a delicate setting with cold water and turn all pillowcases inside out."



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