This Trick Will Help You Get Every Last Drop of Laundry Detergent

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If you use liquid laundry detergent, you likely know how frustrating it is to get out every last drop. After all, once you reach the end of the jug, it's often difficult to pour out the leftover detergent because of the spout. One easy solution is to add water and give it a good shake, but @charmiexoxo on TikTok has another clever suggestion.


All you need to do is remove the spout using a pair of pliers. It might take a bit of elbow grease, but eventually, you should be able to take it out. This offers a clear path for the leftover detergent to flow through, allowing you to use every last bit.

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As @charmiexoxo demonstrates in their TikTok video, they were able to get another load's worth of laundry detergent by using this hack.


You could even combine techniques and add water to the bottle ‌after‌ removing the spout. Better yet, take a tip from one person in the comments section and add some water plus a tablespoon of borax, which will yield enough detergent for about two more loads.

Now, as with all hacks, you might need to use a slightly different approach, depending on your bottle. As one user notes: "[With] some laundry bottles, you can just put your hand on the spout and push it in; that's what I do with mine."


Other cleaning hacks:

While we're on the topic of using every last bit of product, one TikTok user commented with a similar (and useful!) trick. "I do the same with disinfecting wipes," said the person, referring to @charmiexoxo's detergent hack. "I put paper towels [in the tub] when it's empty to get all the cleaner that can still be used."

Better yet, you could even do this with scraps of old t-shirts. The scraps can then be tossed in the wash and reused.



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