Why You Might Not Find Eggs at Your Local Supermarket

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Egg prices have been on the rise since last summer. In addition to inflation that seems to be affecting all kinds of goods, bird flu serves as the main culprit for the lack of eggs and their cost, similar to the turkey shortage that occurred around Thanksgiving.


Shoppers seem to have noticed the changes, as illustrated in the Google Trends report from this week. According to the summary, "why is there a shortage of eggs" has been a breakout search over the past week in the United States. Plus, "does bird flu affect eggs" surged 500% in search, along with "can people catch bird flu?"

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Particular states seem to be feeling the repercussions more, as Alaska, Wyoming, and Colorado were the top states Googling "Avian influenza." Most interestingly, "egg prices" has been searched at an all-time high throughout January so far.

According to the ‌L.A. Times‌, eggs are currently priced at $7 for a dozen in California on average, while Colorado prices are up 49% from this time last year. Although eggs used to be a cheap and versatile kitchen staple, that may not be the case anymore.

Bird flu has always been present to some extent, but the United States Department of Agriculture data shows that 57 million birds were affected by the disease in 2022, making this the most destructive outbreak in the United States. And no, humans usually cannot contract bird flu, but in very rare cases, we can be affected with mild symptoms, as told by the CDC.


If you're looking to cook with eggs, there are a variety of successful substitutes out there like flaxseed meal, applesauce, aquafaba, and even mashed banana — depending on how you're planning to use them. However, for the time being, you may want to opt for a different breakfast, otherwise you may find yourself in a scramble.



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