Ring in a Cozier 2023 With Inspiration From IKEA

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When the weather is icy cold and unpredictable, you might be tempted to make your space even more warm and cozy than it already is — and we wouldn't blame you. With IKEA being the go-to for quality and affordable home decor, you may want to start there when it comes to giving your space a comfy upgrade. However, there are a few key tips to keep in mind when going for cozy vibes, so we rounded up a few ideas to keep in mind while you peruse the store.


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1. Add a warm rug for your feet.

There is a lot to be said for warm toes when it's cold outside, and sometimes socks just aren't enough. Adding an area rug next to your bed or couch to set your feet on instead of a hard floor will boost the warmth in the room while also visually bringing the space together.


2. Incorporate dark, layered bedding.

Dark spaces can make any room feel cozy, sleek, and calming — especially in the bedroom. If you're opting for darker bedding, layering is crucial to achieving that snug look. Pile on the throw blankets and extra pillows. If you think you have enough, you may want to add one more just to be sure.


3. Use subtle lighting.

As the sun sets earlier and the nights are longer than the days, you may be tempted to go for brighter lighting in your home. Instead, try softer, warmer lighting like this pendant lamp — the contrast with the somber outdoors will certainly be enough.


4. Opt for woven baskets for storage.

Wooden and earthy tones can make any space feel more inviting, but instead of redoing your whole room, you can add subtle touches like woven baskets. You'll eliminate clutter without the harshness of defined storage bins.


5. Set the mood with candles.

This one could go without saying, but candles in a dimly lit room just give your insides that burst of warmth everyone needs in the winter months. Unscented will do the trick for the cozy aesthetic, but if you want more of an earthy environment, we would recommend opting for scents like cedar and pine.


6. Cover the windows.

While many of us are drawn to natural light, you may want to keep the curtains closed during the darker months to allow the colors in your space to feed off of each other. Also, just having the extra textiles hanging, rather than blinds or shades, will make the room feel softer overall.


7. Turn off the overhead lights and hang fairy lights.

Contrary to popular belief, fairy lights are ‌not‌ just reserved for college dorms. The soft twinkle and the warmth of the lights will give your room that soft glow, similar to the pendant light. Even just the photo can put anyone in a soothing mood.


8. Eliminate technology and add bookshelves.

The bright lights of screens, the pinging of your email, and whatever is happening on social media does not make for a relaxing environment. Keep the technology out of your designated cozy space and incorporate a bookshelf to keep yourself in a state of calm. Nothing says comfort like a bookcase filled with your favorite novels. Plus, shelving units allow you to get creative by adding some greenery, calming art, and decor.


9. Bring in a few plants — the more the merrier.

Plants, plants, plants! During a season when it seems like natural life is scarce, bringing a little greenery into your home can make it feel all the more inviting. Maybe go for plants such as cacti, succulents, or any other shrub that requires minimal light and warmth. It will make all the difference.


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