Costco's Brand New Bakery Item Will Spread the Festive Cheer

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If there's one retailer that knows how to celebrate the holidays, it's Costco. Over the last few weeks, the warehouse has been re-releasing myriad festive faves, from peppermint bark to giant cookie trays. This year, however, Costco decided to roll out a new holiday treat — and it's downright adorable.


According to @costcoaisles, the bakery department recently dropped mini gingerbread cakes. Each treat is topped with vanilla buttercream icing and a chocolate designed to look like a gingerbread man, a feature that's particularly popular with shoppers.


"Love the little gingerbread cuties," commented one user on @costcoaisles' post. "These look amazing, [I'm] hoping to find them," said another person.

If you're familiar with Costco's mini cakes, you'll know that the treats are basically oversized cupcakes ... depending on how you look at it, of course. One 6-pack costs $9.99, just like the warehouse's other mini cakes.

But how do they taste? According to shoppers on Reddit, the cakes are delicious, but the spiced flavor is subtle. This might be your cup of tea if you prefer less spicy gingerbread notes. On the flipside, if you prefer stronger flavors, it might not be intense enough for your liking. In this case, it might help to sprinkle ground cinnamon, ginger, and/or five spice powder on top for an extra extra kick.

There's just one catch, though: It appears some bakeries won't be making the treat this year. To determine if your local warehouse will be adding them to their shelves, consider calling Costco. The item number for the mini gingerbread cakes is 1701950.

Other Costco holiday treats for winter 2022:

While you're in the bakery section, be sure to check out the butter cinnamon sugar loaves. The popular item comes in packs of three and costs $14.99. The loaves are also freezer-friendly, so you can always save some for a later date.



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