King Charles Has Banned This One Food From All Royal Residences

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As followers of the British royal family may already know, King Charles ascended up the throne from the Prince of Wales to king as soon as his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, devastatingly passed away on September 8, 2022. While the powers have shifted, not much has changed in terms of King Charles' policies, including his stance on foie gras.


The French cuisine is a speciality food made from the liver of duck or goose, and has been banned from the king's royal residences, just as it was banned from his previous dwellings while he served as prince. According to ‌The Telegraph‌, the dish was banned from Charles' homes beginning in 2008, before Buckingham Palace followed just three years later. However, last week, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) received a confirmation that the ban was extending to all of his new royal residences as king.


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The prohibition has been praised by the group, among other animal welfare organizations, especially because of the cruelty the birds endure for the dish.

"I can affirm that neither the Royal Household nor the Royal Residences purchase foie gras, nor are there any plans to amend this policy," a letter stated from Tony Johnstone-Burt, the Master of King Charles' household to the United Kingdom branch of PETA.


As a thank you, Michelin-starred chef Alexis Gauthier sent the king a delicious vegan faux gras. King Charles has always been an advocate for animal rights and has even vowed to have two fully meatless days each week to dwindle his environmental footprint. He has also spoken publicly about his concerns of antibiotic use in organic farming, according to ‌The Guardian‌.

As of now, the production of foie gras is banned in the United Kingdom, but it can still be served if produced somewhere else. PETA has been pushing to also restrict the import and sale of the cuisine, but hasn't had any luck as of yet.



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