10 Surprisingly Good Peel-and-Stick Tile Floors — And How They've Held Up

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Not every home or apartment features flooring that is in tip-top shape, which can be a major source of discontentment. But at the same time, undertaking a major home improvement project to replace unsightly floors can be quite costly or simply isn't realistic for those who rent their space. Thus, peel-and-stick tile has become a popular alternative for homeowners and renters who desire a new floor but don't want to break the bank.


Designers are taking advantage of self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, too. "Peel-and-stick flooring is a great, inexpensive solution for DIY remodels or rentals," says Kevin O'Gara of Kevin Francis Design. "There are so many options out there now — you can find [faux] wood, patterns, or [faux] stone tiles. It's a popular solution for DIY flooring because it doesn't require an underlayment, although this means you will need a smooth, level solid surface."

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Designer Patti Wilson appreciates how easy peel-and-stick tile is to install and later remove, which means you can feel free to experiment with something bold. "Why not have some fun and try a funky pattern in a powder room or laundry area," she suggests.

In general, peel-and-stick tile can last anywhere from two to 20 years depending on the quality. "The higher-end materials withstand patterns fading and some that include limestone within the material mix are even more resistant to scratches and tears," Wilson notes. But, the designer notes that it's important to follow directions closely to achieve successful results. "There is nothing worse than getting excited about the potential outcome of a DIY project and skipping crucial prep steps before getting there," she says. "With most peel and stick [designs] you would want to make sure that your floor is clean, dry, and level."


Below, we're sharing 11 of our favorite peel-and-stick floor tile projects, plus how well they are holding up.

10 Creative Peel and Stick Tile Floor Project Ideas

1. Gray and White Geometric Floor Tile

Bre Eggert of Average But Inspired updated her sister's 1950s kitchen with some peel-and-stick floor tiles flaunting a gray and white geometric pattern. "The flooring is holding up wonderfully, and my sister couldn't be happier with it," Eggert shares. "It's been over a year now and she has not had any problems." Eggert attributes these results to having properly cleaned and primed the floors before installation and following the installation instructions closely. "This was the perfect choice for her kitchen," she adds.



Get the look:Floor & Decor Parthenon Peel and Stick Vinyl, $1.50 per sq. ft.

2. Black and White Checkered Floor Tile

Anna Page of The Page Edit knew that she wanted to outfit the kitchen in her historic New York apartment with a classic black and white checkered pattern using a peel-and-stick vinyl floor tile from Etsy. And bonus: The retro pattern is a great way to pay homage to an older building's roots. Despite her kitchen being a high-traffic area, it has held up quite well over the past two and a half years. "We have a dog and lots of guests over and have only had to replace a few tiles here and there," Page says. "The best part is that when we have replaced the tile, the old tiles are so easy to remove with no residue underneath, proving that it really is renter-friendly!"


Get the look:Bleucoin Black And White Solid Floor Tile, $14.49 - $259.49

3. Gray and White Patterned Floor Tile

Like Page, Keyanna Bowen of East and Lane is also a renter and wanted to give her kitchen a makeover to better suit her aesthetic. "Peel and stick tile is a product I turn to time and time again when I'm designing spaces for renters," Bowen notes. "Not only does it give the look of real tile, but it's so durable!" Bowen completed her tile project four years ago and still appreciates the results. The soft white and gray pattern she selected complements the blues, whites, and natural woods present in her kitchen.



Get the look:Quadrostyle Floc in Stone Birch Floor Sticker, $28.95

4. Pink and White Diamond Patterned Floor Tile

If you love blush hues, why not opt for a pink bathroom floor? Ashley Wilson of At Home With Ashley did just that in her house, installing self-adhesive floor tile to add some charm to the loo. Wilson completed the project four years ago and it has held up wonderfully. "I've been pleasantly surprised at how the peel-and-stick bathroom tile has held up over time," she says. "They look as good as new and are easy to clean."


Get the look:Ivy Hill Tile Florey Random Sized Marble Floor Tile, $13

5. Geometric Black and White Patterned Floor Tile

Kate Riley of Centsational Style jazzed up her laundry room with a modern-looking geometric design. She notes that vinyl that is thinner will peel more quickly in high-traffic areas, which was the case in her own space. "Our floor lasted about a year, but with teenagers doing laundry [it] began to peel up in the corners," Riley explains, noting that after two years, she replaced all of it.



Get the look:Bleucoin Linear Peel and Stick Tile Stickers, $14.49 - $259.49

6. Faux Marble Floor Tile

Kati Farrer of Houseful of Handmade chose a faux marble peel-and-stick tile for her kitchen. If you've always longed for a kitchen with marble countertops or backsplashes, this is an excellent option. While the tile has held up well for two years, Farrer says, that in her case, white was not necessarily the best color to use, as it "requires too much cleaning with two kids and two dogs."


Get the look:Style Selections Grecian Marble Groutable Water Resistant Peel and Stick Luxury Flooring, $1.49 per sq. ft.

7. Blue and White Patterned Floor Tile

Blue and white is a soothing color combo that is often seen in bathrooms. Laura Nickelson of
The Turquoise Home used peel-and-stick blue and white tiles in her bathroom and says that they held up well for a year. "They would have lasted longer if my original tile did not have beveled edges," she explains. Nickelson advises others to use tile stickers on a flat surface or go with a sturdier peel-and-stick tile for longer-lasting results.



Get the look:Bleucoin Naples Peel and Stick Tile Decal, $14.49 - $259.49

8. Star Patterned Floor Tile

Photographer Rebekah Westover added peel-and-stick tile to her newly organized pantry to complete the transformation. She opted for a dynamic pattern featuring a star-like motif. She then finished the floor by changing the color of her grout lines to match the tile.

Get the look:Quadrostyle Agadir Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack in Gray, $36.28 - $81.96

9. Black and White Patterned Floor Tile

There's nothing like a retro black, white, and pink color combination. You can even enjoy these colors in the kitchen, as Raquel Lynn of Horses and Heels did in her space. Lynn says that being a renter motivated her to find an affordable way to redesign her floors. "This peel-and-stick tile was easy to apply and has held up over time, I'm super impressed and love my floor," she adds.

Get the look:FloorPops FP2480 Comet Peel & Stick Floor Tiles, $11.90

10. Gray and White Patterned Floor Tile

Gray and white continue to be a popular color combination for peel-and-stick flooring. Rachel Moore of Pinteresting Plans covered her laundry room floor in a dark gray and white design, which she has been able to maintain over time. "Over the course of a year a couple [of] edges lifted slightly but with adhesive we reattached them," she says. "While it isn't really [ceramic] tile, it elevated the look of the short-term rental we were renovating."

Get the look:FloorPops Virgin Vinyl Grey Medina Peel & Stick Floor Tiles, $12.88

Best Places to Shop for Peel and Stick Flooring

Similarly to ceramic tile, when shopping for peel-and-stick floor tile, it is important to consider thickness, durability, and color. Additionally, you'll want to pay attention to pricing. The cost per square foot can add up quickly if you are covering a large space. Last but certainly not least, consider the amount of humidity and foot traffic your space receives. Both factors could affect how well your peel-and-stick flooring holds up over time.

Ready to start shopping? Here are some of our favorite retailers for peel-and-stick tile:



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