Etsy Is Highlighting Indigenous Artisans This Indigenous Peoples Day

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Etsy has some exciting news up its sleeve this Indigenous Peoples Day. The e-commerce company has added a new group of creators to its Uplift Makers Program, a program in which maker communities are highlighted and supported in order to establish equal opportunities for entrepreneurs.


This expansion, titled the Indigenous Artisans Collective, is a celebration of cultures that have surfaced from the generations of groups that have populated the southwestern United States and Canada. The works offer a glimpse into the stories of Indigenous artisans and how their craft has played a role in their individual, familial, and community identities.

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Beginning October 10, users can shop directly from the Indigenous Artisans Collective via the Uplift Makers Program homepage. Pieces include everything from home decor to jewelry, with many artists specializing in beadwork, creating a tangible connection to their heritage.

Some of the artists included in the collective are Tayler Gutierrez, a beader of Cherokee heritage, April Toledo, a beadwork artist of the Navajo Nation, and Mary Jacobs, a beader from the Seneca Nation, who creates in collaboration with her daughter Samantha.


The shops give the designers an opportunity to share their history with the world, show off their craft, and celebrate all that they have accomplished in the world. You don't want to miss it.



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