This Witch-Approved Tip Will Help You Fit Candles Into Candlesticks

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There's nothing worse buying a new taper candle, only to realize that it doesn't fit into your candlestick. This can be a bummer in terms of aesthetics, not to mention a serious safety hazard. After all, if a candle wobbles in its holder, it can easily fall.


But luckily, there's a hack for that. Courtesy of Den Garden, we recently came across a trick that will get any candle to fit in a candlestick. The technique, which was shared by @salvaje_wild_witch on TikTok, calls for nothing more than a cup of boiling hot water. In other words, you won't need fancy tools or skills.

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All you need to do is place the bottom of the candle in hot water for a few minutes. Once it starts to soften, quickly press the candle into the candlestick. The candle will essentially form and harden ​in​ the holder, resulting in a perfect fit. Done and done.


This trick, which is especially popular among crafty folks, is a lot easier (and safer) than other methods like melting the bottom of the candle with a lighter. It's also quicker than actually carving the candle with a knife.


But take note: If you decide to try this TikTok hack, be sure to use a cup that you won't be drinking out of. This will prevent leftover candle wax from sneaking into future drinks. Safety first, friends.

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