The 10 Most Popular Zip Codes for Homebuyers in America, as of Right Now

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Lifestyle changes due to the pandemic have been reverberating across all industries since COVID first flipped our world upside down — and the real estate market is chief among seeing those changes. Work from home job structures have broadened where homebuyers can look to live, and economic uncertainties have even pushed some Americans out of expensive cities.


The real estate data wizards over at have been analyzing these trends avidly, and just released a new report of the 50 Hottest Zip Codes where home-buying hopefuls are looking to live right now. They crunched the numbers for listings in over 29,000 zip codes using data gathered between January and June of 2022 to determine these rankings.

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The resulting list is indicative of the influence of the pandemic, with New England zip codes outside of major metropolitan areas making up over half of the top 10, contrary to another survey recently released from Opendoor which showed homebuyers flocking to warmer, southern cities.

This is's eighth edition of this report, and nine of the locations have just made the list for the first time, including eight northeastern spots. Six of these newcomers are located in New England specifically, falling within New York, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

New England's popularity can be partly attributed to the region's historic charm. On average, across the top 10 ranking, 13.4% of homes were built before 1939, as compared to just 11.6% nationwide. Major cities are also relatively accessible from these areas, Boston being reachable in 2.5 hours or less from all six New England zip codes on the list.


Coming in at the number one spot on the Hottest Zip Code List is 14618 in Brighton, New York, of the Rochester metro area, followed by 03062 in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is just outside of Boston. Brighton is seeing an uptick in millennial homebuyers due to its affordability, and listings in Nashua have received 4.6 times more views and sold 23 days faster than the typical U.S. home.

Below is the full top 10 ranking of 2022 Hottest Zip Codes in America, but you can see the full list on the website.


  1. 14618 Brighton, New York
  2. 03062 Nashua, New Hampshire
  3. 43085 Worthington, Ohio
  4. 03038 Derry, New Hampshire.
  5. 04062 Windham, Maine
  6. 18017 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  7. 37604 Johnson City, Tennessee
  8. 03106 Hooksett, New Hampshire
  9. 02760 North Attleboro, Massachusetts
  10. 04210 Auburn, Maine



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