If You're a Life Path Number 2, This Houseplant Is Ideal for You

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You know your astrological sign, but are you up to speed on Numerology? It is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. Your Life Path number​​ — ​​determined by your birth date​​ — ​​is the most influential numerology number, describing your character, including specific tendencies and traits that will impact and shape your life.​​


​If you don't know your Life Path Number, click the link above ("How to Figure Out Your Life Path Number") or scroll to the bottom of this page to learn the quick equation.

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​About Life Path Number 2 Personalities

Sensitive and sincere, harmonious, and gentle, Life Path Number 2 people are the peacemakers of the universe. Theirs is the life path of truth and learning, and LPN2s easily navigate the sensitive realm of emotions and prefer it to rational judgment. This compassion and ability to empathize makes them the invisible force that binds friends, families, and communities together.

If this is you, you are a kind and loving soul who will love and nurture a houseplant or pet to the same extent you will offer your loyalty and sensitive to other humans. We've found the perfect houseplant choice for you, one as as sensitive and empathetic as you are: the independent, tireless, and growth-oriented Mimosa pudica plant.

The Mimosa Pudica and LPN2

If you were born into the Life Path Number 2 vibration, you connect with the feelings of everyone with whom you come into contact. Your journey through life will be one of connectivity and sensitivity, where your ability to listen to and hear others will help heal their sorrows and wounds. Modest to a fault, it is LPN2's destiny to have a gentle and helpful influence on the people around you while sometimes repressing your own fears and sorrows. The LPN2 meaning involves social and emotional intelligence.


The Mimosa Pudica would be on a sensitive, emotional path as well if houseplants had life paths. After all, its common name is "the sensitive plant." Like those in LPN2, the Mimosa Pudica plant is sensitive to others and is highly responsive to touch, temperature and motion. Like LPN2, the plant asks little from those around it but takes it cues from its environment.


Care for Mimosa Pudica

The Mimosa Pudica is a perennial creeping tropical shrub that is incredibly sensitive to touch. It has delicate, dainty, fern-like foliage that is covered with tiny hairs and, when touched, a leaf will curl. These contrast nicely with the lavender flowers that stand above the leaves and look like little pom-poms. The plant hails from the warmer, humid regions of Central and South America but slips gracefully into your home as a houseplant, requiring light and water without being temperamental. Just like LPN2s, the Mimosa Pudica asks little help from others yet remains very sensitive to them.


If you are on a LPN2 path, you're completely ready to nurture any needy soul who comes your way. Given all of these compassionate and caring activities, you don't want a demanding houseplant to compete for attention. Easy-care Mimosa Pudica will allow you to maintain your priorities but can also serve as a botanical friend when you are feeling forgotten, as happens to LPN2s from time to time. Sited in direct sun, the Mimosa Pudica only needs regular watering to thrive. Poor soil will do just fine since this plant makes its own nitrogen, converting atmospheric nitrogen into a form that the plant can use.


Buying a Mimosa Pudica

Those traveling LPN2 love to nurture, so you may like to buy sensitive plant seeds to tuck into soil. If so, you will get a good deal in the 1,000-seed package from Outsidepride, available through Amazon for $6.49. Okay, it's probably more seeds than you need, but as a LPN2, you are surrounded by friends and you love to share. If you really prefer fewer seeds, buy a packet of 30 seeds from GrandmaSeedsandGifts through Etsy for $4.36



Potted plants are also available, but much harder to find online. Check your local garden store first so that you can use your famous instincts and pick a plant you can commune with. But if you can't find any plants where you live, you can order one online from Logee's in a 4-inch container for $19.99, and remember, these plants grow fast! Though Etsy offers more seeds than plants, we did find a 3-inch Mimosa pudica from FidoVerochka for $40, shipping included. For full-size plants, consider the one offered by trees.com for just under $70.


However you decide to bring a sensitive plant into your life, we are certain it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After all, you two have so much in common!

How to Figure Out Your Life Path Number

The formula to get your Life Path number is quite simple: you add together the numbers making up your birthday year, your birthday date, and your birth year. Each calculation should be done separately and reduced to a one-digit number or one of the master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. The master numbers are not reduced further until the end.




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