How Hunker House Became Our Well-Rounded Escape in 2021

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When we set out to revamp Hunker House in 2021, we wanted to convey everything we've learned this past year. Easy-peasy and not at all stressful, right? Fortunately, we had a lot to work with after Healthy Home, our week-long guide to creating a space where you can thrive in all areas of your life.

While transforming Hunker House for the current moment, our overall goal was to develop a design that feels like a deep breath followed by a cleansing exhale. From a bedroom and office that take inspiration from nature to an airy, uncluttered powder room and a living area that could easily double as a meditation space, we feel like we achieved exactly that. Honestly, just thinking about Hunker House makes us feel at ease.

Sitting Area

hunker house sitting room with maiden home couch and fireplace

In the downstairs sitting area, we started with Maiden Home's Muir Sofa and Morro Nesting Table Set. Bouncing off of the furniture's light wood finish and clean silhouettes, we created a minimalist space with complementary colors, natural objects, and lush greenery.

hunker house living room with maiden home muir sofa and morro nesting tables

To balance out the living room's cool tones, we added the SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace by Heat & Glo for warmth (literally). Combined with the Muir Sofa's comfortability and the rustic natural decor seen throughout, this space is the definition of cozy. Now, Hunker House is ideal for lounging and taking a much-needed break all year round.

"I just love how all the layers of texture came together," Hunker House Manager Colette Dazé says. "This might be my favorite revamp of this space yet!"


As you can tell, we're all about incorporating nature into our spaces. This is especially apparent in the Hunker House bedroom, where Article's green Almelo Headboard serves as the centerpiece. To highlight this feature even further, we went with a lighter green wall color. Next, we complemented the verdant bed with wood furniture flaunting a light oak finish: the Basi Bed Frame sits on top of the Amber Lewis x Loloi Gwyneth Area Rug in ivory taupe; the Lenia Dresser; and the Calova Lounge Chair, which has a cozy white throw draped across it.



"The rich green limewash with the warm wood tones on the wall and furniture creates a sophisticated room with a calming vibe," says Dazé.

Around the room, we also thoughtfully placed items that evoke a sense of calm and comfort. On the bed and corner lounge area, we have textured pillows from the Amber Lewis x Loloi collection at Rugs Direct. The midcentury-style dresser is adorned with a sleek mirror, candles, and natural elements. Hanging above, you'll find a colorful piece of art by Crystal Michaelson that playfully ties in the room's pink curtains. For a finishing touch, we couldn't resist a trendy green checkerboard throw on the bed.

Of course, a nature-inspired room is nothing without fresh air. For that, we employed IQAir's portable Atem Desk, which essentially creates a clean air bubble to keep your space feeling refreshed.


hunker house green office with article furniture and rug

We believe it's important to have spaces that represent the best of both fashion and function. Nothing symbolizes that more than the office at Hunker House. Here, you'll find Article's Lento Teres Black Lounge Chair paired with a moss green desk and the Mysen Oak Bookcase, which is decked out with all of the decor we love: books, a plant, fun tchotchkes, a candle, and a standout Crystal Michaelson art piece that we like to stare at when brainstorming.

Wellness Room

hunker house workout room with tempo

During the pandemic, when all of us were working out at home, we were thinking about what our dream personal gym would look like. After reviewing the Tempo Studio, and finding out that it can easily replace a gym membership, we immediately knew that this would be the perfect foundation for the fitness studio at Hunker House.

hunker house tempo studio workout room

Designing the rest of this area was all about building our wellness tool kit. For this space, we covered a sizable portion of a pink-hued wall with a pegboard and cork, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase posters with helpful workout tips and tricks. Everything else in the space — weights, meditation cushions, a yoga mat, the Theragun Elite, candles to set the mood, and fresh towels — naturally came together the more we used this room.


Though we love an invigorating workout, we don't exactly love how sweat-drenched we look after. That brings us straight to the powder room at Hunker House, where we worked with Walmart to make this petite space feel airy and open. Thanks to a few handy DIYS, we were able to completely revamp it.

Standout pieces in this bathroom include the Drew Barrymore Flower Home Peel & Stick Botanical Wallpaper in Gingko Pink, Kraus Undermount Ceramic Bathroom Sink, and Livex Lighting Monaco Wall Sconces. We can't get enough of how the blush tones in the travertine countertop add a pop of color while emphasizing the off-white walls and brass fixtures.

Laundry Room

hunker house laundry room with miele washer and dryer

Last, but not least, Hunker House is nothing without its stunning laundry room. Here, you'll find Miele's new high-quality W1 Washers and T1 Dryers tucked into light wood custom cabinetry — complete with open and closed storage — with forest green accents. In addition to must-haves like an iron, detergent, and wool dryer balls, we have plants, a woven laundry basket, and a few other decorative accents — just to make us smile.

Combined, all of these different rooms and elements set the stage for 2022, when we hope to safely invite you all to the Hunker House for special events and more.