The Outer Ridges on Your Dustpan Actually Have a Purpose

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There is always more to learn, especially when it comes to our home products. After all, it's impossible to know every single detail about everything we use in our spaces. For example, there was the time we learned about the purpose of the hole in our spaghetti spoons and when we discovered that aluminum foil boxes have a handy secret feature. To add to that list, we've also realized that the outer ridges on a dustpan are actually there for a reason.


If you take a moment to look at your dustpan, you'll likely find comb-like ridges running along the sides of the top part. Perhaps you thought they were a design feature or just a random marking, but in reality, they are meant to help keep your broom (and, as a result, your home) clean.

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After you've used your broom for a bit, you'll probably end up with clumps of dust and hair on the bristles. If you don't remove them, you could end up tracking even more dust and hair around your home when you go to sweep. Now, in the past, you might have taken off this debris by hand with a cleaning glove, but you really don't need to.


Thanks to the ridges on your dustpan, you can easily remove hair and dust bunnies from your broom's bristles by running them though this comb-like feature. Once you do so, these particles will get stuck on the ridges and then you can transfer them to a garbage can. No hands or other cleaning tools required!

This is one of those obvious things we wish we knew sooner.


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