This Envelope Opening Hack Is so Smart, It's Infuriating

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Opening an envelope might not seem like a revolutionary, hack-worthy task, but once you see the following video, you're probably going to change your mind.


Video of the Day

In a TikTok video posted by @trippylava, we discovered a simple way to open an envelope that doesn't require a letter opener. Plus, this method is a lot cleaner than how we would normally open an envelope: by attempting, and failing, to separate the glued-down flap from the rest of the envelope.

First, @trippylava starts by tearing open the top left corner of the envelope.


Then, they peel down a strip that stretches from under the torn corner to the bottom of the envelope.


Lastly, @trippylava pulls open the envelope's inner flap and easily slides out the letter. It's so effortless!


This process is so simple and efficient that we can't believe we didn't learn this or think of it sooner. Fortunately, we're not alone in this. As user Mamabear Ming commented, "At this point, I'm just existing completely wrong."

This is one of those life hacks we wish we learned in school.


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